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1. All passengers will be required to supply and wear a face mask or face covering when on board a coach (unless exempt). Drivers will be expected to wear face coverings when interacting with customers on board and whilst driving.


2. Children under the age of 12 are not required to wear a face mask or face covering (Public Health England does not recommend face coverings for children under the age of 3 for health and safety reasons).


3. You can still use your mobile on board but please use messaging apps rather than voice or video calling to avoid removing your face covering.


4. There will be hand sanitiser onboard every coach and a supply of disposable face masks for anyone requiring one.


Will there be enhanced cleaning taking place on the coaches?

A rigorous process will take place at the end of each day, each coach will be wiped down with sanitised wipes. Key touch points including handrails, tables, armrests and seat belts are also cleaned regularly.  Nilco Nilbac® Dry-Touch Sanitiser Touch Control Antibacterial Aerosol Spray is used if deemed necessary. During the day, the driver will be expected to keep the coach clean using the PPE and products provided and ensure procedures are followed at all times.


How will social distancing take place on board the coach?

All coach departures can now safely operate at full seating capacity.


Will the driver be issued with PPE?

  • All coaches will have masks, gloves, antiviral wipes and hand sanitiser.

  • It is not mandatory for the driver to wear the gloves, mask whilst driving.


An air filtration system is fitted to all our coaches. The PEPA-F anti-viral pathogen eliminating particulate air filter is 99.9% effective against SARS – CoV-2.


When handling luggage / walking aids our driver may wear gloves.


How can you help?

  • Do not travel if you're experiencing any coronavirus symptoms or if you are waiting for Covid19 test results or have been given a positive result following a recent test. The symptoms include a high temperature – 37.8C or greater, a new continuous cough, or loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

  • Wash your hands and use sanitisers where available before and during travel

  • Please comply with requests from hotels and attraction venues to follow their procedures.

  • Under our privacy policy we reserve the right to share your data if required to Government or Health Services for Track & Trace purposes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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